Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is an attempt to distance the supernatural horror genre from films, such as One Missed Call (American remake) and Pulse, where characters navigate through a surreal reality with no clear motivation for anything, really.

Micah and Katie are an average Californian couple living in an upper middle class house. She’s studying English at an University, while he spends his time as a daytrader. This couple is in no way extraordinary; yet, extraordinary events occur around them. The employment of such a mundane setting gives the audience a sense that these events could occur to anyone, which functions to build tension.

From the beginning, we learn that Micah questions Katie’s absolute beliefs in spirits, demons and such. Throughout the film, Micah continues to express his doubt and disbelief until he is wholly convinced. This transition presents the audience with a character to connect with resulting in tension mounting as he becomes further disillusioned.

This tension is further perpetuated by the home movie style of film making. In addition to adding an array of interesting camera angles, the use of this technique allows the audience to become further connected with the character behind the camera because they are able to put themselves into the character’s shoes.

Though the film created constant tension, it was not enough to fully captivate the audience as some scenes appeared repetitive at times. All things considered, the film proved that, even in the modern era, immense amounts of blood and gore are not necessary to produce a quality horror film. While this film would in no way be considered terrifying, it will cause you to question if you left the bathroom light on for days to come.

Rating: 6/10

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