Grace (2009)

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Released: 2009

There are a few films that leave the audience pondering on why they were ever even produced at feature length. Paul Solet’s Grace is one such film.

Madeline Matheson and her husband are finally successful in conceiving a child after trying for quite some time. A few weeks away from her due date, Madeline begins to have chest pains, so the couple races to the hospital. On the way home, they are involved in an accident resulting in the deaths of her husband and the unborn child. Madeline opts to carry the child to term where, upon delivery, the seemingly dead child comes to life miraculously. Now being a single mother, and an emotional one at that, Madeline begins to notice some rather curious behavior from her daughter, such as attracting flies, smelling foul (but not in the way babys normally smell) and craving blood.

It’s not that this film has a poor premise or bad acting; in fact, Jordan Ladd portrayed a distraught emotional mother rather well. This film just does not contain enough content to keep the audience’s attention for nearly 85 minutes. In 2006, a short film was produced by Paul Solet, of the same name, that told the same basic story. This short was effective in combining an interesting tale with some shock value.

In a short with an intricate plot, the audience does not always expect the film to fully explain itself or to even completely make sense. In a feature, however, this is usually a requirement because the film must hold the audience's attention for a fairly long period of time. With that being said, this film falls short of the mark. After the baby Grace is born, the film begins to turn uninteresting. So uninteresting, in fact, that it is painfully boring to watch at times.

Though this film is not his best work, Paul Solet’s direction of the short, in addition to his work with director Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), illustrate that this will not be what Solet is remembered for.

Rating: 2/10

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  1. I'm going to be dodging this film in the future. thanks for the heads-up and the awesome info