Darkness Falls

Released: 2003

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Darkness Falls is a 2003 supernatural horror film regarding the legend of the ‘tooth fairy’ in a small coastal city. Simply put, the tooth fairy is actually a woman that was lynched 150 years ago, and as legend goes, if you catch a glimpse of her whilst she is replacing your tooth with a coin, you will die a horrific death. The catch is that she can only reach her prey once they are in the dark.

This film actually has a rather creepy premise and exploits one of the greatest fears instilled in the majority of us as children: a fear of the dark. Since she can only venture through the darkness, her victims attempt to stay in the light as much as possible. This, of course, is complicated by the various circumstances in the film and is the basis for much of the plot.

The story begins as young Kyle Walsh loses his last baby tooth and puts it under his pillow with the expectation of finding a coin in the morning. During the night, he casts his gaze upon the tooth fairy and is forever marked for death. He hides as his mother comes in to investigate. Attempting to prove nothing is creeping around his room, she looks around and also sees the tooth fairy, who brutally lays her to rest. All the while, Kyle is sitting in the safety of his bathroom light.

The police arrive, and Kyle is suspected of committing the murder. He is sent to various mental institutions and, eventually, is released on heavy doses of medication. While continuing to feed his obsession with staying in the light, he receives a phone call from his childhood sweet heart concerning her little brother having much of the same symptoms as he. Kyle goes to investigate, which results in mass misfortune for many of the townspeople.

Though the plot is interesting, it contains a number of logical fallacies ranging from the actions of characters over the past decade to the workings of the tooth fairy. This would be the death of most films, as they would be broken beyond repair; however, Darkness Falls appears to roll with the punches and does not take itself too seriously. This is quite evident from the final twenty minutes of the film which is just downright ridiculous.

The interesting plot and lack of seriousness create an atmosphere where the audience can enjoy the small frights the film emits as much as possible. In this regard, the creators did a rather fine job; however, the same cannot be said for acting and stupidity of the characters. This film will not win any positive awards; yet, if one is searching for a slightly creepy movie to watch with those of a low horror tolerance, this film should be a consideration.

Rating: 4/10


  1. it was kinda a silly film, but I liked it still.

  2. I thought the movie was scary in a jump out at you type of way. The concept is laughable though

  3. Gonna check it out tonight :D
    Thanks for the info


  4. I was thinking about whether or not to watch this movie. Thanks for making me not waste my time.